Who are you?
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Who are you?

We'll update this list as we learn more about you.
  1. You love to learn. You like to read about what interests you.
  2. You're enrolled in music post-secondary education, or you're considering it, or you've found that it doesn't work as well as you hoped.
  3. There's no obvious playbook out there for what speaks to you; you can't follow easy instructions to start the career you want.
  4. You trust individual people more than corporations.
  5. You really don't like ads. YouTube annoys you a bit for this reason.
  6. You might have another career in a non-music field, but you'll always want to create music and hone your craft—or be involved in the music community somehow.
  7. You love helping your friends succeed with your creative work and your knowledge.
  8. You live in many different contexts. Some of them are wide-open and public, like most of social media. Some are strictly casual—between friends. Others are more personal and relevant to you, and you're willing to pay for the value you get from those experiences. You're used to switching between these contexts, although it might exhaust you sometimes.
  9. You're curious about how to take home income from music.
  10. You're not sure how to do that yet.