Things we don't like
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Things we don't like

Some or all of these words don't make you feel good, because they're fake.

Term in italics within each sentence (reality in brackets):

  • getting traction with your music (those are people listening)
  • marketing/sales funnel (have conversations)
  • getting playlisted (form a relationship with a curator)
  • PR campaigns (let people talk about you if they want)
  • radio format (it's a collection with a theme)
  • music industry (we have to reference this one often, unfortunately)
  • driving traffic to your website (those are people visiting)
  • creating content (we know, it's everywhere—but what about actually describing the work?)
  • monetizing media (that's money being given enthusiastically by people, or by other businesses)
  • networking in the space (you're making friends, if it's going well)
  • adding contacts (those are people who you talk to)

That language doesn't speak to who you are.