Artist (L)earnings
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Artist (L)earnings

Soon, almost all professional musicians won't attend music post-secondary institutions.

Music post-secondary education is for public-school teachers. It ultimately provides you with little to no music career value, and it's expensive.

I spent thousands of dollars on one year of music education and got less than 10% of the learning I needed to start working. That's on me! Regardless, it didn't teach me about taking home income.

This website's mission is to help you learn about making money with independent music, and that includes if you're busy with non-music work.

You can learn with Artist Earnings while taking education in a completely different field, and you can end up far ahead of your music-college peers.

We will cut through the noise of the industry and present learnings every other Tuesday.

This post opens up the welcome period of Artist Earnings. I'm getting ready to share the project with some people for the first time—wish me luck!

It's a solo project for me: I'm here for you.